how should cleats fit

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Your soccer cleat should fit as close to the end of your toesas possible without touching them,about a inch gap. Cleats that are too big can negatively influence your performance and can sometimes lead to injuries.

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  • How should soccer cleats fit?

  • Properly fitting soccer cleats will enhance your ball-handling skills; it’s best to go into a store where you can try then on and size them for the correct fit. The fit will depend on your individual foot shape and size. In general, soccer cleats need to fit your foot snugly.

  • How do I know what size cleats to get?

  • A good sizing method is to press down in the toe area and around the sides with your thumb to feel for extra space. You can then reduce the cleat size based on how much space you have. If there is quite a bit of space, go down a full size. If there is just a tad bit of extra space, try half a size smaller.

  • What size cleats should I get for my child?

  • Look for cleats that are no more than 鈥?longer than your largest foot. If you鈥檙e shopping for a kid who is still growing, you can shop for boots that are 鈥?longer than their biggest foot.

  • Do cleats fit better with thin socks?

  • If you try on cleats while wearing no socks or thin socks, they may fit great in the store and then end up feeling too tight once you’re out on the field wearing thicker socks. If your regular shoe size is 10, start with that and work your way down.

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