how should boots fit on a snowboard

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Your snowboard boots should fit your feet like a glove fits a hand. With the liner in,you should feel contact all around your foot. The boots will gain internal volume or pack out after a few days of wear.

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  • What is the best way to wear snowboard boots?

  • Snowboard Boot Fit. A perfect fit for a pair of boots should be a tight, stable fit over the top of your foot and around your upper ankle. They will resist slightly when you lean forward and flex, but still allow for a comfortable range of motion without pressure points.

  • How should winter boots fit?

  • Well, by design, they should be just a tad looser than normal, allowing your feet to step in with ease, while still having enough room to wear them with a pair of socks. However, don鈥檛 purchase a pair that is a size too big or a size too small, try to find the happy medium. However, that raises the next question: How Should Winter Boots Fit?

  • How do I know if my ski boots are too tight?

  • Take the liner out of the boot and see how the shell of the boot fits. To do this, put your foot in the boot and slide it forward so your toes touch the front. You should now be able to place two fingers behind your heel, any less and it鈥檚 too tight, any more it鈥檚 too big.

  • Do snowboard boots come in different sizes?

  • The sizing for a pair of snowboard boots should be much the same as the size you choose for any other shoe. As well as foot sizing, snowboard boots will vary in flex. This denotes the amount of support they provide, from soft through to firm. Bear in mind, different manufacturers can have different sizing.

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