how should an oversized blazer fit

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The oversized blazer is inspired by feminine menswear and the key to pulling this style off is choosing one that is fittedthrough the shoulders. Make sure your boyfriend blazer is oversized throughout the bust, waist and longer in length. Keep your feminine figure by wearing an oversized blazer with a fitted dress or bottoms.

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  • What does it mean when a blazer is oversized?

  • The oversized blazer is a versatile item. You can wear it casually to brunch with jeans and boots or you can dress it up with a short dress to an event. Oversized can either mean the coat is a small and it鈥檚 a boxier fit. Or it鈥檚 a thrifted blazer from Value Village and it鈥檚 is literally a size 10.

  • How to wear the oversized blazer as a petite woman?

  • So please don鈥檛 be afraid of the oversized blazer or any other trend out there! You can wear maxi dresses , jean skirts, and over the knee boots as a petite woman. You can make these trends work for your body and your style. What are some of your petite style tips? Or favorite ways to wear the oversized blazer? Thank you for reading! P.S.

  • How tight should a blazer button be?

  • With the top button fastened, try to fit at least 3 fingers between you and your blazer. If you can fit more than three fingers, there鈥檚 a good chance it will appear baggy and you鈥檒l lose the natural V-shape. On the other hand, if you need to suck in your stomach, or the button pulls in creating an X, it鈥檚 too tight.

  • How do you wear an oversized blazer with a suit?

  • The oversized blazer is also perfect as a suit. Add a fun pop color accessory to make it more modern, or trendy shoes to modernize it a bit. If you feel like your outfit is too 鈥渂aggy鈥?then try belting the blazer or tucking your trousers into boots.

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