how should a bra fit correctly

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The bra underwires should lie in the fold where your breast joins your torso 鈥?not lower,and definitely not higher,on top of the breast tissue! This should be the case all the way along the wire,from the center-front through to the underarm. Before checking for cup fit,always lean forwardsand scoop your breast tissue upwards into the cup.

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  • How should I check my bra fit?

  • Before checking for cup fit, always lean forwards and scoop your breast tissue upwards into the cup. This ensures that 100% of your breast tissue is inside the cups, so you can see how they really fit. How should bra straps fit?

  • How can I make my bra fit my breasts better?

  • The solution is simply to choose a larger cup size that can fully encapsulate your breasts. Note that this is only applicable to wired bras. Your breast tissue is pushing the cup outwards, so without an underwire there to force the cup into a specific position, it鈥檚 normal that a soft, non-wired one may not stay put against your sternum.

  • How should underwires fit in a bra?

  • Underwired bras give your breasts a gentle lift, making them look rounder and fuller. However, for desired results, you should make sure that the underwires fit you correctly. The center gore should lie flat at the center of your breasts and the underwires should comfortably sit right under your breasts, without digging into the skin.

  • How to choose the right bra style?

  • When choosing a bra style, make sure it has the right function for your requirements. The underbust band should always sit perfectly 鈥?horizontal, and parallel to the ground. Make sure the underwire and bridge lie perfectly flat against your skin and encircle your breast exactly.

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