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Planet Fitness also makes money byselling branded equipment purchased from third-part manufactures to new and existing U.S franchise store owners. In fact, $83.3 million or 20.48% of Planet Fitness鈥?total revenue came from equipment sales in 2020.

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  • Is planet Fitness’recipe for success working?

  • As America’s retail and mall real estate reinvents itself, Planet Fitness is rapidly opening its fitness centers in former big-box stores, securing attractive locations (at attractive rates) in large and small markets. Planet Fitness’ recipe for success is working.

  • How much does it cost to join Planet Fitness?

  • When you join Planet Fitness, you can pay a flat fee of $10 a month and have access to all of the weight training and cardio equipment in the gym on a daily basis.

  • Who owns Planet Fitness?

  • CEO Michael Grondahl co-founded Planet Fitness in 1992, branding it as the antifitness fitness club, with cheap memberships and a judgment-free environment for anyone interested in getting off the couch. The decision has paid off.

  • Is planet Fitness’Black Card membership profitable?

  • And the company offers a popular and profitable Black Card upsell ($21.99/month) with perks like all-club access, guest privileges, hydromassage, and tanning. Planet Fitness’ low-cost subscription memberships deliver steady recurring revenue. Once members are plugged in, they are unlikely to cancel.

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