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The cost of your decking will depend on a number of factors. However, as a rough ballpark cost, the decking material and installation could cost anything from2,300 for a non-elevated softwood deck to 22,000 for an elevated composite decking with railing and stairs. Your new decking cost will really depend on:

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  • How much does garden decking cost to install?

  • Garden Decking Cost Guide: How Much is Decking? Want to find out how much it costs to install garden decking? The average cost of timber garden decking installation ranges from 900 to 4400, depending on the size and quality of the decking.

  • How much does composite decking cost per square metre?

  • Composite decking prices are generally higher on average than timber, with the higher cost justified by the fact they are harder wearing and require less ongoing maintenance. Prices per square metre generally range from 80 to 120.

  • How much do joists cost for decking?

  • Joists can come in various sizes, and the ones you choose will depend on how much decking you want. The typical cost for joists is around 6 for pinewood, 10 for softwood, and up to 15 for hardwood. To enhance the look of your decking, you may want to add decking lights.

  • How much does it cost to build a wooden deck in London?

  • At a day rate of 150 to 200 – likely to be higher in London and the South East – and a typical three days of work to prepare the ground, set the joists and install the decking labour costs can easily add more than 600 to the overall project amount.

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