how much to fit an rsj

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1500 – 2500

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  • How much does an RSJ cost per metre?

  • A single doorway 1m RSJ costs around 400 – 450 for labour, a double doorway 2m RSJ costs around 550 – 600 for labour, and a large open plan 4m RSJ cost around 700 – 800 for labour. If you are looking for the cost of an RSJ alone, you may want to know how much a steel beam RSJ costs per metre. An RSJ costs approximately 50 – 100 per metre.

  • How long does it take to fit a RSJ?

  • The first two days will usually be spent installing the RSJ, removing the existing wall and taking away any waste. Then plaster and finishing can be done on the next day.

  • How much does it cost to remove an RSJ wall?

  • Just as you wouldn鈥檛 knock down a load bearing wall without replacing it with something to provide structural support so you shouldn鈥檛 just remove an RSJ. It is advisable to contact a professional contractor to carry out the work for you and the average cost will be around 200-300 per day for a team of two people.

  • Do you need a quote for RSJ installation?

  • You will sometimes need a quote for the RSJ installation itself if your builder is not confident about carrying out this part of the job. One RSJ can cost as little as 200, however higher quality joists may cost more and depending on the number required for a project, the cost can increase proportionally.

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