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how much to fit an oven

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Oven installation cost guideOven installation costs Standard Installation Cost Like-for-like oven replacement 150 Built-in gas oven cost 275 Built-in electric oven cost 140 Fit a new kitchen unit,take a different … 300 1 more rows …Aug 24 2022

How much does it cost to install a range oven?

The average cost to install a range oven in a home where an oven has been previously installed before is around $162, but the location of the oven, as well as how accessible its power source is may drive the costs as high as $220.

How much does it cost to replace a double oven?

Generally, the bigger your oven, the more you can expect to pay. For example, single ovens typically range from $420 to $2,900, while double ovens range from $1,200 to $5,000 . Oven units can cost anywhere from $350 to $15,000, but most ovens cost between $600 and $3,500.

What determines the cost of a kitchen oven?

The overall cost of your oven is also determined by how your oven needs to be mounted. Wall ovens offer a more modern look, where a freestanding oven is more traditional. Slide-in and drop-in ovens are also great alternatives that blend in seamlessly with your kitchen countertops.

How much does it cost to install a wall-hung oven?

These high-tech ovens cost anywhere from $2,000 to $8,000. When installing a wall-hung oven or an oven that does not fit properly, you may need to have additional carpentry work done. This could mean adjusting cabinet sizes or completely removing some cabinets. On top of the extra cost, you may also lose storage space.

Oven Installation Cost Calculator

Costs to install an oven vary greatly by region. Let’s calculate the cost for your zip code.

New Oven Costs by Type

Ovens come in all shapes and sizes and are categorized based on how they cook food. Both conventional and convection ovens can be gas or electric, allowing you more cooking versatility. Although conventional and convection models look similar on the outside, you can easily notice the differences once you open them up.

Oven Prices by Heat Source

There are a few main types of heat sources that most ovens use. Each has benefits and drawbacks, depending on what you are cooking or baking. Many people choose between gas or electric ovens, but steam models are rising in popularity. Pizza ovens are also available for more specialized cooking needs:

Cost of an Oven by Size

When it comes to purchasing an oven, size is incredibly important. One of your first steps is to figure out what meets your needs and fits inside your kitchen. Before you make your choice, here is what you should know about both single and double ovens:

Oven Costs by Type of Mounting

The overall cost of your oven is also determined by how your oven needs to be mounted. Wall ovens offer a more modern look, where a freestanding oven is more traditional. Slide-in and drop-in ovens are also great alternatives that blend in seamlessly with your kitchen countertops. The table below shows the average costs for each type:

Oven Installation Cost

Once you find the right fit for your kitchen, you have to figure out the best installation plan. Even the best oven is useless when not properly installed. That is one reason it is important to find trained and certified professionals in your area.

Oven Replacement Cost

There are two main reasons why you may need an oven installation. Either you are building an entirely new kitchen or need an older oven model replaced. Generally, a direct replacement costs less than a new addition. Existing ovens already have the space, support system, and electrical outlets or gas lines already in place.

Step 1: Prepare to install your wall oven

You’ll want to switch off the electrical supply from the fuse box before getting started. Use a non-contact electrical tester to make sure the power is shut off.

Step 2: Remove the old and new oven doors

If it’s an old oven that is being replaced, you’ll first want to remove the old oven door before removing the anchoring screws. If replacing a double oven, remove both doors before proceeding. With the help of a second person, carefully lift the oven from the cabinet and cut the electrical wiring.

Step 3: Measure the opening of the cabinet

Wall ovens, whether single or double, generally come in three different sizes –30-inch, 27-inch and 24-inch ovens. Measure the size of your cabinet to make sure that your oven will fit within the opening. Use your installation instruction for specific measurements.

Step 4: Find junction box

A junction box should be located either 3" above or below the cabinet cutout. If you don’t see a junction box, it may be behind the wall. You will need to cut an opening in order to access the electrical wiring to complete the installation. Refer to your owner’s manual and installation instructions for full details.

Step 5: Place oven feet

Using the help of a second person, gently tilt the oven onto its back and place it on top of the cardboard so that you can attach the feet to the oven. How you attach the feet will depend on the height of your cabinet cutout, and the height of your cutout will depend on if you’re installing a single or double oven.

Step 6: Make the electrical connection

Once you’ve placed the feet, stand the oven close to where it will be installed and connect the wiring per your installation instructions. Strip the wires from the electrical circuit and oven. Connect the wires with wire connectors using the corresponding colors – red, black, white and green or bare copper for the grounding wire.

Step 7: Complete oven installation

You’ll again want the help of a second person to assist in lifting the oven to its final installation spot. Secure the oven with the screws provided. If you removed the doors to make the installation process easier, reattach them along with any trimming provided.

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