how much time it takes to get fit from fat

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3 to 9 months

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  • How long does it take to lose 10% body fat?

  • Well, this also depends a bit on your body weight, but if you鈥檙e losing a bit faster if you鈥檙e heavier and a bit slower if you鈥檙e lighter, then going from 18 % down to 10 % body fat should take you around 14-16 weeks by losing on average 1 lb per week (quicker in the beginning and slower by the end).

  • How long does it take to get ripped with 18% body fat?

  • You can do your own math on this depending on your current body fat percentage. But, for a guy with around 18 % body fat it takes roughly 14-16 weeks to get to a ripped 8-10 % body fat. Expected timeline to go from 18 to 8-10% body fat: 14-16 weeks How Long Does it Take to Reach a Certain Level of Muscular Development?

  • How do I go from fat to fit?

  • As I briefly described in the intro, here鈥檚 the steps you will take to successfully go from fat to fit: 1. Lose body fat until your waist reaches ~45% of your height. Depending on how much fat you have to lose, this cut may… 2. Once your waist reaches ~45% of your height, eat at maintenance …

  • How long does it take to build muscle while losing fat?

  • In fact, if you鈥檙e starting from this point you can build muscle while losing fat for at least the first 3-6 months, and you likely have decent muscle development from the start, which means that you鈥檒l most likely look awesome once you鈥檝e become lean. Here鈥檚 the process that I followed to get lean and still follow to further improve my physique.

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