how much split wood fits in a truck bed

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You can carry about1/3 cordsof firewood in a 6-foot truck and 0.5 cords of firewood in an 8-foot truck bed. You can carry a bit more than 1/3 cords if you split and stack your firewood neatly. If you have an 8-foot truck bed, you can also carry more if you split and stack your firewood.

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  • How much firewood can you fit in a pickup truck bed?

  • That means if you stack the firewood nice and neat in the 5.5 short bed, you鈥檒l be able to fit in right around 0.4 cords. 0.5 cords can get into the 6 footer, and staggering 0.6 cord into the 8 foot long box. In case of the loved and treasured Toyota Tacoma, considering it is a ton pickup, it only comes either with a 5 foot or 6 foot bed.

  • Will a chord of wood fill a pickup truck bed?

  • I know a chord of wood is 4 x 4 x 8 ft, but will this amount typically fill a standard 8-ft pickup truck bed? A local guy will sell wood by the load, I just wonder if a full bed will be more or less wood than a chord. Yes, a cord of wood is 128 cubic feet of neatly stacked wood, or 4′ x 4′ x 8′, or 2′ x 4′ x 16′, or however you want to put it.

  • What is the average length of a truck bed?

  • Most trucks now a days are crew cabs with 5 1/2 foot boxes. I call them super short beds, then you got short beds and 6.5 feet, and then long bed at 8 foot. Only people who have long beds are – farmers, construction, horse owners.

  • Does bed size matter when hauling wood?

  • Bed size doesn鈥檛 really matter as, in a 1/2 ton truck you will always run out of weight capacity before bed space, when loading it with freshly cut firewood to haul home. Even that itty-bitty super-short bed, stacked 2 feet deep with rounds, can be 2200 lb. of oak.

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