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how much is zone fitness per month

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How much does peak zone fitness cost? [Solved] (2022) Free 1-month trial then pay$9.99/month or $79.99 annually. Share with up to five family members. Free 1-month trial then pay $9.99/month or $79.99 annually.

What are the different membership options at zone fitness?

Debit order membership. Single club access. Debit order membership. Super club access. Debit order membership. Happy Valentines Day! Our amazing Valentines weeke Happy Valentines Day! Our amazing Valentines weeke Exciting news! New Zone Fitness branch opening in Start the new year with a goal.

What is zone fitness?

Zone Fitness has built a vibrant environment in their gyms, ensuring customers feel motivated and energised. By keeping up with the latest innovations and constantly striving to improve their clients’ experiences, Zone Fitness has become one of the most prominent chains in South Africa. Zone Fitness has 18 locations in Cape Town and six in Gauteng.

How much does the amazing club cost?

Amazing Club. Affordable Price. Your Membership Your Way. This is my Club! Plus applicable sales tax. Billed monthly to checking account. $49 plus tax annual maintenance fee will be billed on the 60th day of membership.

Do debit orders expire?

Debit order memberships do not expire. They have a fix minimum durations, the initial period, and thereafter, they continue on a monthly notice period. Cash memberships have a fixed start and end date.

Can you play a soccer game at a club?

Yes, but only on arrangement, please contact your club.

Is Zone Fitness a service agreement?

Memberships at Zone Fitness is a service agreement, not a usage based contract. Therefore you decide for how long you would like to have the facility available to you, and we provide the service for a specific period of time.

Do all clubs have personal trainers?

Yes, all clubs have the services of personal trainer available, at an additional cost per session. Alternatively, the book an induction session with the fitness consultants and they will provide programs free of charge.

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