how much is the total gym fit in australia

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  • How much does the Total Gym FIT cost?

  • Priced at $1699.95, the FIT is one of the best equipment from Total Gym for the average shopper. The elite model costs thousands more. This cross training gym is even available for a $1 trial.

  • What is the Total Gym&how can it help you?

  • It’s the best exercise for anyone coming off an injury – big or small. Hear how Chuck Norris was first introduced to the Total Gym and how he was able to recover from a serious injury avoid surgery by using the Total Gym. In just 6 weeks he was back into full contact action!

  • How many gyms are there in Australia?

  • The fitness industry in Australia has gone from strength to strength, with recent 2020 figures estimating approximately 5,607 gyms, health, and fitness centers and gyms located across the country.

  • How much is the Pilates kit with Total Gym®?

  • Extend your exercises further with a great range of Total Gym FIT accessories that will enhance your home workouts. With your Total Gym today you will receive the Pilates Kit valued at $160 The Pilates Kit and DVD鈥?ready to increase flexibility, build stronger leaner muscles and healthier joints

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