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The Ring Fit Adventure price is$79 / 64.99 / AU$125so make sure you don鈥檛 pay above those prices for the game and hardware together. Why is ring Fit sold out? One reason why the Ring Fit Adventure has sold out so quickly lately is that it gives you a unique way to workout indoors during the winter months.

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  • Is Ring Fit Adventure worth the price?

  • Despite all the bells and whistles, Ring Fit Adventure boiled down to another exergaming experience that doesn’t quite hold our attention and, due to this, we don’t think it’s worth the pricing. Ring Fit Adventure is definitely an improvement on the Wii Fit. It offers a more challenging workout, under the guise of a fun, adventure RPG.

  • What is Ring Fit Adventure for Nintendo Switch?

  • Ring Fit Adventure will do the opposite with your Switch. Instead of turning your game console into an everyday gym session, Ring Fit Adventure gamifies workouts with a surprisingly in-depth RPG world.

  • What is Ring Fit and how does it work?

  • At the center of Ring Fit’s combat is the Ring-Con, a real-life pilates ring that connects to one of your Joy-Cons (while the other slips into a leg strap to go around your thigh). The Ring-Con is remarkably sturdy and has held up well over the past year, with no noticeable change in its resistance or durability.

  • What do you do in Ring Fit Adventure?

  • With additional minigames, Ring Fit Adventure is a great escape for players of all skill levels and schedules. In Adventure mode, defeat enemies with attacks based on real-world exercises. As you work through each level (and possibly work up a sweat), you鈥檒l earn experience points.

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