how much is signature fitness per month

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The monthly membership price ranges from$72 to $219. Day pass: These are valid for one day only at the specified club. It will cost you anywhere around $10 to $50 depending on club and extent of access. For couples: The couple membership starts at $122 per month.

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  • What is the signature fitness program?

  • SIGNATURE FITNESS Signature Fitness is an elite gym offering unrivaled fitness classes and personal training, luxury amenities, and a community that inspires members to lead a healthy, invigorating life.

  • How much does a gym membership cost?

  • For couples: The couple membership starts at $122 per month. If you opt for a couple membership, you will be saving about 40% monthly on the membership cost for the second adult. Family membership: This is the most cost-saving option for the families.

  • How much does LA Fitness membership cost?

  • LA Fitness is one of the most affordable gym chains in the United States and Canada, and it is quite visible looking at their membership options. Firstly, the basic monthly LA fitness membership fee is $29.95.

  • How much does it cost to add a second person LA Fitness?

  • With every monthly membership with nationwide access, you can add a second person to your membership for a discounted rate. It costs $29.95 per month for the second person, with an initiation fee of only $25. LA Fitness great prices aren鈥檛 limited to just monthly memberships.

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