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how much is craig ranch fitness

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Available units range in price from $785,900 to over $831,900. The Pinnacle at CraigRanch has a total of 60 units. Sizes range from 2329 to 2723 square feet. Posted: (8 days ago) Craig Ranch Fitness Spa is now hiring a Nail Technician in Ocala,FL.

What happened to Craig Ranch fitness&spa?

Operations at Craig Ranch Fitness Spa are discontinuing this November, the fitness gym announced Oct. 21. Life Time Fitness, a chain of health clubs across the nation, has purchased Craig Ranch Fitness Spa, an Oct. 21 letter to Craig Ranch Fitness Spa members stated.

When will Life Time Fitness open at Craig Ranch?

The opening of the Life Time facility is expected in late 2022, per the website. Craig Ranch Fitness Spa will continue to operate as normal through Nov. 20, although Honeylu’s Coffee at this location has closed.

Why choose Cooper fitness center at Craig Ranch?

Whether you’re looking to build a healthy lifestyle or fine-tune your workout regimen, Cooper Fitness Center at Craig Ranch in McKinney can help you reach your fitness goals. We provide an innovative fitness facility in a friendly, fun and spacious setting.

Spaces & Amenities

From an expansive fitness floor to saunas and steam rooms, you’ll find everything you need to pump up and de-stress.

Dynamic classes

Whether you’re looking for a heart-centered practice or a heart-thumping workout, you’ll discover the right class at the right time.

Expert Instruction

Here to help you move forward, our certified trainers offer motivation, expertise and a passion for healthy living.


With premier facilities and the support of top coaches, you can take the sport you love further than you ever imagined.

Kids and Family

For kids, healthy means finding new ways to move and sharing fun with family. For you, it might mean taking a couple of hours for yourself while we watch the little ones.

Clubs Nearby

At our McKinney at Craig Ranch’s location, you’ll discover exciting new ways to embrace healthy living. Whether you’re looking for an inspiring place to work or a luxurious place to live, it’s all right here.

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