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how much is a membership at elite fitness

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Memberships – Elite Fitness. Posted: (1 days ago) Dec 15,2019 Individual Membership -$35/Monthly. Couple Membership – $55/Monthly. Family Membership – $70/Monthly. Memberships Include: Access to all Elite Fitness locations (Georgetown,Nicholasville,Frankfort) Unlimited Classes (Spinning,Zumba,Kickboxing Yoga) NO CONTRACT.

How much does an elite sports club cost?

Elite Sports Clubs has five family-friendly health club locations in the greater Milwaukee area. Each club has different membership options ranging from $66-199 per month depending on how many people are on the membership and which clubs you intend on utilizing.

How much does it cost to join a club?

Each club has different membership options ranging from $66-199 per month depending on how many people are on the membership and which clubs you intend on utilizing. Do your clubs have pools?

Are private swim lessons only for elite sports club members?

Both group and private swim lessons are exclusively offered to members of Elite Sports Clubs. Is your question not on this list? Post it in the comments section below! Check out our Membership Benefits page for more information on our different levels of membership or claim your FREE 3-day trial pass to the clubs!

What sports are offered at elite clubs?

We have organized recreational sports leagues at various clubs including tennis, platform tennis, racquetball, basketball, corn hole, and table tennis. We also have scheduled pick-up times for basketball and volleyball, as well as designated court time for pickle ball. Visit eliteclubs.com/sports for more information on each specific sport.

What is an all inclusive family calendar?

All-inclusive family calendar of events included with family memberships

Do you have to complete a guest waiver before entering the club?

Parent/Legal Guardian of minor must complete a guest waiver prior to club entry.

Can additional guests be registered through Member Services?

Additional guests may be registered through Member Services in advance of their visit to minimize wait times.

How much does a guardian charge for a child under 17?

Children 17 & under#N#$10/child when a guardian is on the premises#N#$20/child when a guardian is NOT on the premises (allowed for children ages 11-17 only, and requires a completed code of conduct form & waiver to be signed in advance)#N#Limit 2 per member per day

How many guests can you bring to the club?

Guests must be accompanied by a member (barring some exceptions). Each individual guest is limited to 4 visits per calendar year. You may bring as many as 4 guests in at a time (2 if they are under age 18).

Does a child care membership include childcare?

Yes , our childcare services are included with membership if the child is on the membership. We provide free childcare to members while they are onsite where the kids will enjoy plenty of fun activities with our staff. We also offer a paid drop-off service of up to 3 hours per day (billed in 15-minute increments) so you can go out and run errands.

Is there a fee to rent a tennis court?

There is a nominal fee to rent a tennis court, except in the summer months when court rental is free. There are additional fees for group and private tennis lessons. Some special tennis events may have free admission.

Is summer camp included in membership?

All lessons and summer camps are not included with membership. Fees vary based on the service offered.

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