how much is a custom fit set of golf clubs

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On average it costs between$250 and $600to get a full bag of golf clubs fitted. Driver only fittings typically cost from $50 to $175 as do 鈥榠rons鈥?fittings. Wood/Hybrid and wedge custom fittings can be cheaper at $40 to $150 but golf club fitters will often 鈥榬efund鈥?fitting costs if you buy clubs afterwards.

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  • How much does it cost to fit golf clubs?

  • This is because the cost to fit golf clubs is not a small amount. Some fitting facilities offer an average of $100 per custom golf club. Meanwhile, golfers who play in tournaments would typically invest in professional golf clubs cost. Costs will also depend on how many golf clubs make a set.

  • What is a custom club fitting?

  • A custom club fitting is where a trained club fitter matches your unique golf swing and body type to the perfect set of clubs. They will fit you with the proper club head, loft, shafts, lie angle, grips, and feel that perfectly matches your swing.

  • How much do custom golf shafts cost?

  • Standard clubs can be costly enough 鈥?often many hundreds of or $ 鈥?but if after a custom fitting you start looking at fancy shafts the price can rocket. Some driver shafts for example can easily add an additional 150-200 or $200-$300 onto the standard cost of a driver.

  • Is there a place for custom fitting in the golf game?

  • There is a place for it but the gains some golfers make from it can be far bigger than others. Custom fitting is lower down the list of things that will help to improve your game. And each individual will have their own price for the benefits that custom fitting can provide.

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