how much for fitted golf clubs

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  • How much does it cost to fit golf clubs?

  • The golf club fitting cost is influenced by some factors including the number of necessary clubs and the company that does this job. If you already have the golf clubs, the average cost of fitting is anywhere between $18 and more than $50 per club.

  • How much do custom golf shafts cost?

  • Standard clubs can be costly enough 鈥?often many hundreds of or $ 鈥?but if after a custom fitting you start looking at fancy shafts the price can rocket. Some driver shafts for example can easily add an additional 150-200 or $200-$300 onto the standard cost of a driver.

  • Is there a place for custom fitting on a golf club?

  • There is a place for it but the gains some golfers make from it can be far bigger than others. Custom fitting is lower down the list of things that will help to improve your game.

  • Do golf club fitters offer free fittings?

  • The good news however is that a lot of golf club fitters will either offer custom fitting for free or offer a refund of any custom fitting fee against any purchase of new equipment. There can often be conditions attached to these refund so it鈥檚 important to check up front.

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