how much does lifetime fitness cost 2015

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  • How much does a Lifetime Fitness membership cost?

  • Lifetime Fitness Prices See Lifetime Fitness Membership Cost ITEM PRICE Initiation Fee (Per Person) (First Perso … $49.00 Monthly Fee (Per Person) (First Person) $69.00 Cancellation Fee (Per Person) (First Per … $0.00 17 more rows …

  • Can you negotiate with LifeTime Fitness?

  • Lifetime Fitness never negotiates a price, but you can take advantage of the offers that come from time to time and get a discount on its prices. How much does lifetime cost a month?

  • Does Costco offer a Lifetime Fitness corporate discount?

  • According to customer service representatives, Costco does not currently offer a discounted membership of Lifetime Fitness, but you should stay tuned to their official website for future discounts Lifetime Fitness corporate discounts

  • Does lifetime fitness charge for additional child?

  • Yes, At Lifetime Fitness, Each Additional Child charge is $20. Does LifeTime Fitness have a student discount? Yes, Yes, LifeTime Fitness offers student discounts. To see Lifetime Fitness student discount policies, You can visit their homepage or visit Lifetime Fitness Student Discount Policies on their customer service page.

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