how much does a fitness coach cost

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A Personal Trainer is a Coach that will help you reach your fitness goals and will cost between$50-$100 on average for a Private session and $15-$40 for a Group session. But let鈥檚 break it down further so that you know exactly what a Gym or a PT can do for you and exactly what each service costs. How Can A Gym Help?

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  • How much does a life coach cost?

  • How much does a Life Coach charge? Average cost (per session) 50 Minimum cost (per session) 40 Maximum cost (per session) 70

  • How much do personal trainers charge?

  • Most personal trainers cost $35-$100 an hour, typically falling in the range of $60-$75 for an individual session. Trainers can charge as low as $25 per hour, while some high-powered trainers charge $100-$200 a session, or more. Where you live greatly affects what trainers charge.

  • What do you get with an online fitness coach?

  • You get unlimited access to ask questions, receive personalized diet and training plans, and a mobile app to access your workouts. Maybe most importantly, you know that my team and I have your back. While we鈥檙e at it, let鈥檚 address some other common questions people ask about online fitness coaching. online coaching?

  • What does bornborn fitness coaching cost?

  • Born Fitness Coaching costs $179 per month. This covers everything you need to get in better shape: your personal exercise program, your personal diet plan, and weekly coach interaction 鈥?whenever you need it, and consistent updates to your program.

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