how much does a contact lens fitting cost

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Other clinics would charge $140 鈥?$180 for soft everyday wear lens fittings,$150 鈥?$200 for rigid gas permeable and soft toric contact lens fittings while $210 鈥?$250 for bifocal lens fittings and rigid gas permeable and $250 鈥?$280for therapeutic contact lens fittings.

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  • How much do contact lenses cost?

  • The fitting does not include the actual cost of the contact lenses, which can range from $20 per box of daily disposable lenses to $400 for lenses that need to be replaced annually. See See How Much Do Contacts Cost.

  • Do you have to pay for contact lenses with eye exam?

  • Contact Lens Fitting Cost The cost to fit contact lenses is sometimes included in your eye exam. However, the contact lens fitting fee is almost always an additional cost (sometimes charged separately from the eyeglass exam). Vision Center Recommends 1800Contacts for all your contact needs.

  • Are contact Lense fittings covered by insurance?

  • These fittings are usually not covered by insurance, and how much does contact lense fitting cost differ by clinic and area of the country. Fittings are difficult for patients with other eye conditions like astigmatism.

  • How much do RGP contact lenses cost?

  • The average cost of RGP contacts is about $100 per lens, so $200 for a pair. Discount retailers may be able to offer these lenses for as low as $30 per lens, and they often offer incentives and lower prices for buying in bulk. Insurance may help to offset these costs.

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