how much a month is 24 hour fitness

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24 Hour Fitness membership costs$44.99per month with no initiation fee. You can get started by paying a total of $89.98 which includes the first and last month. Yearly membership is cheaper at $25 per month and $299.99 is due immediately.

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  • How much does a 24 Hour Fitness membership cost?

  • For a limited time, 24 Hour Fitness is offering one free month and waiving the initiation fee on select monthly memberships. Depending on the location, membership fees typically range between $31.99 to $56.99 per month, which means this discount is a significant percentage off if you break things down annually.

  • How can 24 Hour Fitness Help You?

  • See how 24 Hour Fitness can help you live a healthy and happy lifestyle. Give our spacious gyms a workout, experience our studio and cycle classes, and download our free 24GO app for workout ideas to try when you come! Add a Buddy Pass to your cart when you join online to share each club visit with any friend or family member.

  • How much does 24 Hour Fitness cost at Costco?

  • Costco members can purchase the 24 Hour Fitness membership package for 399.99 2. Does 24 Hour Fitness give law enforcement discount? 24 Hour Fitness offers special rates for Police, Fire, EMS and other first responders.

  • Is 24 Hour Fitness the best gym in America?

  • With the tremendous number of locations, 24 Hour Fitness has and its offices and gear, it is viewed as one of the top decisions for Gym centre goers around America.

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