how many tennis balls fit into a limo

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  • Can a tennis ball fit in a limousine?

  • The answer is quite simple for one tennis ball that fits into a limousine. Let鈥檚 check the more answer, Maybe I would say that, 鈥淚 would first have to look up the average cubic feet of the inside of a limousine. Also, In a limousine, Only One Ball can fit. Because limousine has only one 鈥榦鈥?we can fit the ball in 鈥榦鈥?not in the limousine.

  • How many tennis balls can fit on a school bus?

  • Take off a for the shape of the balls 3,750,000 cubic inches. Now let鈥檚 divide by 4 (size of the tennis ball in cubic inches) Let鈥檚 round it down to 3,600,000 (easier to divide by 4) Therefore we have 900,000 tennis balls which can fit on a school bus.

  • What do you need to know to size a tennis ball?

  • Obviously we need to know the volume inside the object, but we also need to factor in anything inside the object where tennis balls can鈥檛 fit into. We also need to take into account that not every available space can fit a tennis ball perfectly due to the spherical shape of the ball.

  • What is the volume of a tennis ball?

  • Take off another quarter for the spherical shape of the tennis ball and we get roughly 500,000 cubic inches Now let鈥檚 divide by the volume of a tennis ball (4 cubic inches) 500,000/4 = 125,000 Seems a lot to me, but I stand by the math.

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