how many photos fit on a 32gb flash drive

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  • How many pictures can fit on a USB flash drive?

  • As for how many pictures, that depends on the resolution of your photos but on average, many thousands of photos would fit. I would suggest getting 2 and keep duplicates if this will be your only copy of the photos since usb drives do die without warning (all brands).

  • How many photos can a 32GB SD card hold?

  • If you were using a 6 mega pixel camera to take the photos, a 32gb flash drive would hold about 10,000 photos. This link has a chart of storage capacities for 1GB to 32GB SD Cards for Cameras up to 12MP.

  • How many photos does 2GB hold?

  • Two (2) GB of temporary phone or camera storage capacity will hold about 8000 photos low low to medium quality and about 800 of higher quality. If one is diligent about moving data from the temporary storage to a computer drive, then it is workable depending on the daily shooting requirements.

  • How many pictures are in a GB file?

  • If you define an average photo, a .jpg, as being roughly 5 Kb, and you convert between Gb and Kb as powers of 2, you can hold over 6,700,000 pictures. That’s almost 7 million pictures.

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