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how many people fit in the dallas cowboys stadium

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how many people fit in the dallas cowboys stadium插图

80,000 people

What is Dallas Cowboys new stadium seating capacity?

The stadium is sometimes referred to as Jerry World after Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who originally envisioned it as a large entertainment mecca. The stadium seats 80,000, making it the fourth largest stadium in the NFL by seating capacity. The maximum capacity of the stadium with standing room is 105,000.

How much is parking at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium?

The free parking and $10 Cowboys Stadium shuttle is just part of the best game day deals around courtesy of J. Gilligan’s in Arlington. For about $31 (excluding tax tip) you can get a 10-oz ribeye steak, a draft beer, and parking/round-trip shuttle ($15.99 +$4.50 +$10).

How many seats does the new Cowboys Stadium have?

– Cowboys Stadium replaces the open-air Texas Stadium, which opened in 1971, as the Cowboys’ home. It was completed on May 29, 2009 and seats 80,000, but is expandable to seat up to 111,000. What Costs $1.3 Billion, Holds 111,000 people and Has the …

How many seats are there at New Texas Stadium?

Stadium capacity reduced by 2,297 seats, bringing capacity to 75,512. 1998 – Upper deck added to the east side including 52 new stadium suites and a 13,000-square-foot (1,200 m 2) private club room. A total of 3,959 seats were added, bringing capacity to 79,471.

How many fans attended the 2009 NFL game?

The record attendance for an NFL regular-season game was set in 2009 at this stadium when a crowd of 105,121 fans watched the Cowboys take on the New York Giants. The At&T Stadium features some amazing technology. It has a retractable roof and has the world’s 31st largest HD video screen.

How many seats does MetLife Stadium have?

If you define it by seats, then it’s MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, home to the New York Giants and Jets. It has a seating capacity of 82,500. However, if you choose as I have to define it by maximum capacity, including standing fans, then the answer differs.

What sports stadium is home to the Dallas Cowboys?

The home of the Dallas Cowboys, the AT&T Stadium has hosted other major sporting events in the past. The NBA All-Star game was held at this venue in 2010. The stadium hosted the Super Bowl in 2011, with the Green Bay Packers defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers.

When was the AT&T Stadium completed?

AT&T Stadium, formerly known as the Cowboys Stadium, was completed on May 27, 2009.

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