how many people fit in a sprinter van

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15 passengers

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  • What are the different wheelbase options for a Sprinter van?

  • There are three different wheelbase options for Sprinter vans: The 144鈥?wheelbase is the shortest Sprinter van. It has the least amount of buildable space, but because it is shorter, it is easier to maneuver and park than the 170鈥?wheelbase. Interior Height: High Roof Option = 6鈥?7鈥?/ Low Roof Option = 5鈥?7鈥?/div>144鈥?vs 170鈥?Sprinter: Which wheelbase is better for

  • How many seats does a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter have?

  • How Many People Does The Sprinter Seat? The Sprinter Passenger Van can seat up to 12, although Mercedes-Benz does offer a 15-seat configuration (14 seats for the passenger, plus one for the driver). Sprinter Passenger Van rear seating area.

  • How difficult is it to Park a Sprinter van?

  • Parallel parking is also a bit more challenging. If you choose to go with a 170鈥?extended wheelbase Sprinter, keep in mind that this adds an additional 1.5 feet to the van, making it more difficult to park in normal parking spaces and navigate in busy areas.

  • Is a sprinter a good off road vehicle?

  • Neither Sprinter wheelbase is going to be as off-road friendly as a Jeep or lifted pickup truck. However, either Sprinter Van wheelbase with the 44 option is going to be a surprisingly capable vehicle, with the 144鈥?having an obvious advantage.

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