how many cartons can fit on a pallet

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You can fit approximately30 cartonson a pallet. Most standard cartons contain 72 t-shirts, so the answer is 2,160 t-shirts. Adult long sleeve t-shirts contain more fabric, and therefore take up more space on a pallet.

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  • What is the standard size of a pallet?

  • Basic Pallet Calculator Measurement: mm (millimetre) in (Inches) Height: Millimetres Weight (Per Carton): No. Cartons: Pallet Type: mm 889×1156 | in 35×45.5 mm 914×914 | in … 2 more rows …

  • What units are used to calculate carton size?

  • Enter carton outer dims (dimensions), weight and total number of cartons. use the units mm [Millimeters] or in [inches] , note that a conversion factor of 25.4 mm to 1 in is used. Select Pallet type to be used for the pallet calculation

  • What units are used in the pallet calculator?

  • Select unit of measurement (mm = Millimetres, in = inches) The pallet calculator will now automatically calculate the logistics metrics for you pallet build including volumetric weight The Pallet Calculator uses logistics industry standard caveats and metrics as default.

  • Can I build tall pallets to transport goods?

  • Pallets that are travelling by road and sea can be built higher but you should consider the health and safety aspects of building tall pallets. Any Way Up: 鈫戔啈 Most goods are packed to be transported in their vertical position as packed; that is ‘top up’. This is typically identified by stickers or markings with 2 arrows facing up ( 鈫戔啈).

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