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how many cards fit in a elite trainer box

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how many cards fit in a elite trainer box插图

8 packs
The BOOSTER BOX comes with I believe 32 packs of cards and that’s all. The ELITE TRAINER BOX comes with8 packsand a bunch of goodies to get you started on playing the trading card game,like dice,sleeves for card and damage counters. If you’re looking to get ONLY cards,get the booster box…. see more ?

How many Pokemon cards are in the TCG Elite Trainer box?

Gear up for battle like never before as Pokmon GO meets the Pokmon Trading Card Game! The Pokmon TCG: Pokmon GO Pokmon Center Elite Trainer Box Plus is a great way to get started with this exciting new expansion thanks to the 12 Pokmon TCG: Pokmon GO booster packs included—two more than the standard Elite Trainer Box.

What is the Elite Trainer box (ETB)?

The Elite Trainer Box (ETB) product was created to give Pokemon TCG players the cards and accessories they need to play the Pokemon Trading Card Game. This includes things like condition markers, damage counter dice, energy cards, booster packs, a collectible box, and more.

What can you do with Pokemon Elite Trainer boxes?

The boxes can hold sleeved Pokemon cards which make them a good option for collectors and a display piece with the cover art. Check below every kind of pokemon elite trainer box ever released, from the newest to the oldest.

What is the difference between the fusion Strike Elite Trainer boxes?

Both variations are similar, with the primary difference being that the Pokemon Center exclusive comes with 10 Fusion Strike booster packs (2 more than the standard ETB) and includes a metallic coin and an extra set of 65 card sleeves. Want to see all of the Fusion Strike Elite Trainer Box contents? Full contents can be found here.

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