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how many beers fit in a frisbee

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how many beers fit in a frisbee插图

Three beers
They come to play with pride and honor,saying,as they enter the field,“Did you know thatthree beersfit in a Frisbee?”Ultimate Frisbee is a mixture of football and soccer. Like football it has endzones and like soccer it has nonstop game play.

What are the rules of Beersbee?

Beersbee game, or frisbee beer bottle game, is mostly just a fun leisure activity. There are no specific rules referring to the use of certain flying discs (i.e. frisbees). Most of the players just get whichever disc they can find in their neighborhood convenience store.

What size Frisbee should I buy?

The size of the frisbee matters, too. They are roughly 20 to 25 cm (8 to 10 inches) in diameter. Opting for bigger discs can help you hit the bottle or the pole more accurately. When frisbee gets worn out, it will most likely start flying rather differently.

What is Beersbee?

Beersbee, also known as Polish Horseshoes is a frisbee tossing game popular at many colleges and tailgating events around the country. Players toss a frisbee and try to get them to hit the bottle on top of the pole.

How to play frisbee game?

For example, if a frisbee falls to the ground, bounces up and hits the pole, you get no points even if you manage to knock the bottle off. When your opponent gets their turn to throw you become the “defender”. Your main goal is to catch the frisbee or the bottle if it gets knocked off. Ideally, you’ll be able to catch them both.

How to measure PVC pipe?

Measure and mark each length of PVC pipe at 6 ft (1.8 m). Use a measuring tape to measure 6 ft (1.8 m) from 1 end of the PVC pipe. Make a line with a permanent marker. This will be your cut line for the bottom of the pole.

How big is a PVC pipe?

The 1.5 in (3.8 cm) diameter PVC pipe will be a little less sturdy than the 2 in (5.1 cm) pipe. A sturdier pipe makes the game a little harder since it will be harder to knock off the bottle.

How to keep a game fair?

Be careful not to bump into the pole after setting up the cans! To keep the game fair, you’ll want to use either 2 cans or 2 bottles, but not 1 of each. If you use cans, make sure you have a supply of extras ready to use as replacements.

How to make a sandbox pole?

2. Hammer the poles into the ground with a rubber mallet. Hold the pole as straight up-and-down as possible, with the pointed side facing towards the ground. Pound the flat end of the pole a few times with a rubber mallet until the pole is securely in the ground and it stands up straight on its own.

How far should you walk to play a pole?

Walk 30-40 steps, 1 foot in front of the other, to the other side of the field or lawn and lay the other pole down. You can increase or decrease the distance between poles depending on your preference and the players’ level of skill. Anything less than about 25 ft (7.6 m), however, may feel a little close.

How to cover a hole in a pole?

Wrap duct tape over the flat ends of the poles. Cover the end of each pole in a couple pieces of duct tape so that the hole is covered. Then, wrap a strip horizontally around the side of the end a few times to secure piece covering the hole . The duct tape helps a can or bottle sit on top of the poles more easily.

What to do if you don’t have a rubber mallet?

If you don’t have a rubber mallet, you can improvise with something else flat. For example, a wooden board, a rock, or even the lid of a plastic cooler could work in a pinch.

How do you score points in Beersbee?

Teams can score points both by playing offense and defense. If you play Beersbee without drinking involved, you can predetermine the set of points for a win. We’ll be explaining this later on.

What happens if you throw a frisbee and your opponent catches it?

If you throw a frisbee and your opponent catches it, you’ll have to take a drink. Throwing alternates from player to player. So, if the wrong person from your team throws the frisbee, you both will have to take a drink. In case your throw goes way off, you take a drink. The worst thing that may happen while “attacking” is if the frisbee hits the ground and bounces up knocking the bottle off. In this case, you have to finish your drink all the way.

Who Invented Beersbee?

There is no evidence pointing to the person responsible for the invention of Beersbee. Many would like to shake this guy’s or gal’s hand but this information remains a mystery.

What happens if you throw a frisbee too short?

If your throw is too short, your opponent will get the chance to throw from the spot where the frisbee landed. This gives them an advantage, so be careful! Don’t make your throw too strong, though. A throw that’s too strong won’t be tolerated, as it threatens to ruin the game flow.

What is beer bee?

Beersbee is the game played by two teams of two players. Before we start explaining , we would like to point out that this is one of those games that needs to be played responsibly. It involves drinking (beer). Hence, the name.

Where did beer beesbee originate?

Since this is a synonym, people often get confused about the origin of the game. Well, contrary to this name, the game doesn’t involve horseshoes and most certainly didn’t originate from Poland.

Can you use empty bottles in Beersbee?

You can use both empty bottles and cans as target objects in Beersbee. There are just a few small differences that we would like to address.

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