how many bags of concrete will fit in a mixer

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How many bags of concrete can you put in a mixer? So you should be able to fit 6-7bags in a full load. However that is probably the full volume of the barrel. You won鈥檛 be filling the barrel full,so one load would probably be 2.5 鈥?3 bags.

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  • How many bags of concrete does a 9 cubic foot mixer hold?

  • Our 9 cubic feet concrete mixer is perfect and small to medium-sized concrete jobs. It transports easily with ball or pintle hitch capabilities. Heavy-duty paddles mix the concrete to a uniform consistency. This concrete mixer can fit up to two bags of concrete. Also Know, how long does it take to mix a bag of concrete in a mixer? about 3-5 minutes

  • How much aggregate do you put in a concrete mixer?

  • Most people buy bags of cement and add aggregate in a concrete mixer. From memory I do two 20 litre bucks of aggregate and one half-bucket of cement which is roughly half a bag. You don’t want to overload a mixer, burn out the motor if it stalls.

  • How do you use a cement mixer correctly?

  • Always stand the cement mixer on a slab of existing concrete (which can be hosed and cleaned down afterwards) or on a large mixing board; however hard you try, odd pieces of ballast, sand, gravel and mixed concrete will find their way onto the ground under the mixer.

  • How many bags of concrete do I need for 3 cubic feet?

  • Each 80-pound bag of ready-mix concrete requires about 6 pints of water, for a total weight per bag of 86.25 pounds. Five bags of ready-mix produces 3 cubic feet of wet mix that weighs approximately 431.25 pounds. Also, how many bags of concrete do I need for 9 cubic feet? 45 cubic feet and an 80-pound bag yields . 60 cubic feet.

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