how long should a fitted kitchen last

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50 years

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  • How often do you replace your kitchen cabinets and worktop?

  • The cabinets now need replacing after 15 years of use. I’ll keep it as is for a few more years but it’s in the budget. The worktop has quite a few marks and scratches on it and probably should be changed but it is still okay. I estimate it will need replacing when it’s 20 years old.

  • How long does it take to fit a kitchen?

  • The idea of not having a kitchen for a period of time can be a worrying one, especially if you are unsure of how long exactly that is going to be. This leads me to answer a very popular question; how long does it take to fit a kitchen? On average it takes between 1 鈥?4 weeks to fit a kitchen.

  • How long do pre assembled cabinets last?

  • Depending on the quality of your original cabinets, the amount of time they last will vary. In general, high quality pre assembled kitchen units should last up to 50 years 鈥?making them one of the longest lasting components in your kitchen. Since they are so durable, there is often no need to replace the whole thing.

  • How old do kitchens have to be to look dated?

  • I think kitchens start to look dated after 15 years, but most people don’t start to think about changing them till they are about 20+ years old. It’s expensive and a lot of upheaval.

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