how does star trek discovery fit into the timeline

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  • Where does 鈥楽tar Trek Discovery鈥?Fit in the timeline?

  • CBS鈥?Star Trek: Discovery is set exactly 10 years before the original Star Trek and fits in neatly in the Prime timeline. Thanks to the many shows and films made after the original series, the Star Trek universe has become vast and complicated. Read on to find out where the new series fits in the Star Trek timeline.

  • Could discovery run into characters from the original Star Trek series?

  • But we could potentially run into a lot of characters from the Original Series, since Discovery is only about 10 years in advance. In the canon, Pike was born in Mojave on Earth, joined Starfleet, and sometime before 2254 he became captain of the Enterprise.

  • Why did they time travel in Star Trek?

  • To preserve the existing canon, the movie used time travel to create an alternate reality. The timeline splits in 2233, the year of James T. Kirk 鈥檚 birth, so the 2009 film and its sequels take place in the new 鈥淜elvin鈥?universe. Meanwhile, the original shows and movies exist in the 鈥淧rime鈥?timeline.

  • When does Star Trek take place in the timeline?

  • The showrunners have confirmed that the show takes place ten years before The Original Series, in the Prime timeline (so not JJ Abrams鈥?alternate universe, known as the Kelvin timeline). This means the structure of the main franchise currently looks a lot like this:

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