how do you solder copper pipe and fittings

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How to SolderCopperPipeJoints Buy a self-lighting torch. Good torches work faster. Use a good-quality tubing cutter. Make clean, burr-free cuts. Use a steel brush for complete cleaning of pipesand fittings. Apply tinning flux rather than regular flux. Assemble the pipes, then solderthe joints all at once.

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  • How to solder copper pipe step by step?

  • How to Solder Copper Pipe Step 1: Cut Your Pipe. The first step to assembling copper pipe is to cut your pipe to length. The easiest and best way… Step 2: Cleaning the Pipe and Fitting. Prepwork is critical to ensuring a good soldered joint and cleaning of the copper… Step 3: Flux It. The second …

  • How do you fix broken copper pipe fittings?

  • Prepare Inside of Fitting. Ream the inside of each fitting with a wire brush. Clean Outside Of Pipe. Use emery cloth or steel wool to clean the outside of the pipe. Apply Flux to Pipe. Unwind Solder Wire. Heat the Fitting to Sweat the Copper Pipe. Touch the Solder to the Pipe.

  • How do you solder a soldering iron fitting?

  • Remove the flame from the fitting before you apply the solder (it鈥檚 the heat of the fitting that melts the solder, not the flame of the torch). If possible, apply the solder from above so that the combination of gravity and capillary action can draw the solder into the joint. You may need to apply the solder to several points around the joint.

  • How do you use soldering flux on brass fittings?

  • Spread soldering flux on the outside of the pipe and the inside of the brass fitting with a small brush. The brush usually comes with the flux. Slip the fitting onto the pipe and rotate it into the correct orientation. Heat the joint with a propane torch until the flux begins to boil.

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