how do you connect backbeat fit

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  • How do I Pair my backbeat fit with my Fitbit Versa?

  • To enter pairing mode after the first pairing process, start with the headphones powered off and then press and hold the Power button until you hear pairing. 05-31-2019 11:53 05-31-2019 11:53 Who Voted for this post? This worked for me to pair my Fitbit Versa to my Backbeat Fit, thanks! 06-07-2019 09:31 06-07-2019 09:31 Who Voted for this post?

  • Which backbeat devices does the backbeat app support?

  • The BackBeat app supports BackBeat FIT 3100, BackBeat FIT 2100, BackBeat FIT 350, BackBeat GO 410 and BackBeat GO 810. Now you don鈥檛 have to pause your workout to change things up.

  • How do the backbeat fit earbuds work?

  • Each earbud has a multifunction holographic panel that operates different controls. The right panel responds solely as a tactile button while the left earbud registers taps and presses. Unlike the Plantronics BackBeat FIT 3100, the BackBeat FIT 3200 includes ear tips that completely seal to the ear canal.

  • Should I buy the backbeat fit 3100 or the back beat fit?

  • Battery life and sound quality are better than the BackBeat FIT 3100, but outdoor athletes may prefer the semi-open fit of the old model. When exercising at your local gym, the last thing you want to hear are the loud grunts and yells of the bodybuilders next to you.

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