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how do you cancel planet fitness online

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To cancel a Planet Fitness membership,you need to visit your gym in person or write a postal letter.Planet Fitness doesn’t allow you to cancel your membership by phone or online.Your membership might already be on hold due to pandemic restrictions,and you may be able to get a three-month hold for medical reasons.

Does planet Fitness charge a cancellation fee?

Planet Fitness cancellation fee depends on which membership you have, such as if you have a 12-month contract-based membership, and if you cancel before the 12-month contract period, you have to pay a cancellation fee of $ 58.

How much is it to cancel Planet Fitness?

Yes, there can be a fee to cancel Planet Fitness membership if you wish to do so before your contract ends. The usual fee for Planet Fitness membership cancellation is $58. However, exact costs may vary from club to club.

What is the cancellation policy for Planet Fitness?

Posted: (8 days ago) To cancel Planet Fitness membership, you must first give 30 days’ notice of cancellation. Planet Fitness membership cannot be cancelled by email or phone. To cancel, you will need to go to your home club in person, fill out a cancellation membership form at the help desk, or send a letter to your club requesting cancellation.

Does planet Fitness waive annual fee?

From this document, you’ll realize that, yes, Planet Fitness does waive its annual fees. They host programs and select a few participating locations that charge zero yearly fees. Can You Negotiate With Planet Fitness? With luck, you can negotiate a Planet Fitness contract with the person at the front desk.

How to Cancel Your Planet Fitness Membership

Planet Fitness is a great service, especially for people who love exercising and taking care of their bodies. Still, at some point, you may decide that the service is not right for you anymore or maybe you want to take a break and save money for other expenses.

How to Pause Your Planet Fitness Membership

Maybe you don’t want to cancel your Planet Fitness account permanently. Perhaps you just need a break from Planet Fitness so you can save money for more important matters.

Will You Get Refunded After Canceling the Planet Fitness Membership?

Although you can cancel an active Planet Fitness membership, it is important to know that you will not get a refund after the cancellation. Even if you make sure to cancel early in the billing cycle, Planet Fitness will not offer a refund.

What Happens with the Planet Fitness Membership During COVID?

The pandemic is unpredictable, and some Planet Fitness locations may end up closing for social distancing and safety reasons. In this case, you should know that if you have a Planet Fitness subscription, it will be frozen automatically when the gym is closed due to the coronavirus situation. Therefore, you will not be charged for the membership.

Final Thoughts

Planet Fitness is a great membership, but despite this, you may decide that you want to cancel it. The only way to cancel your Planet Fitness membership is by going to your gym physically or by sending them a letter.You cannot cancel your membership by mail or by phone, but you can use apps like DoNotPay for an easier cancellation process.

How to cancel Planet Fitness manually?

There are only two ways to cancel a subscription with Planet Fitness, either through a certified letter or by visiting the club in person .

Can I cancel a Planet Fitness free trial?

There is no free trial at Planet Fitness. Once you become a member, it will automatically bill you the annual and monthly fees. You can choose to pay the minimum start-up fee of $1 through the Black Membership Card.

Can I pause my Planet Fitness subscription instead of canceling it?

In case of an illness or an injury, Planet Fitness may let you freeze your membership. To request this service, contact the company’s customer service.

Can I get a refund when I cancel my Planet Fitness gym membership?

No, Planet Fitness doesn’t offer a refund if you cancel your membership early in the billing cycle.

What to do if Planet Fitness doesn’t respond?

If you don’t receive a reply from the company in a week, call Planet Fitness to check if they have received the letter. If there are any problems with your certified letter, a personal visit may still be necessary.

How does Planet Fitness work?

Planet Fitness entices people by offering lower enrolment and monthly fees for an extended membership period. Fitness club enthusiasts find these perks appealing and quickly grab the first offer they get. Once committed, fitness club members find it hard to end their membership even if they want to. Thus, Planet Fitness members get frustrated when they eventually realize that the club is just not for them. It gets even more exasperating if the member has to move to another place where there is no Planet Fitness.

How much does a Planet Fitness membership cost?

The Planet Fitness monthly club membership costs around $10 to $25, excluding startup and annual fees. Fitness club members often find themselves paying the yearly and monthly fees without actually going to the gym. So why not work-out at home instead of going to a public gym? You don’t need to buy the big equipment you see in Planet Fitness. A few sets of dumbbells, jump rope, and exercise mat will give you the same results for a much lower price.

How to cancel Planet Fitness?

Write a one-page document asking to cancel your membership. 1 Planet Fitness requires a written cancellation. 2 Include your back-up documentation to request your cancellation fee be waived. Clearly indicate what each piece of documentation is at the top of the page.

How much notice do you need to cancel a gym membership?

Think of a fitness contract like a leasing contract. Having to give 30 days notice and fees for early cancellation are common with gyms. In fact, if you don’t cancel your membership correctly, you may have to pay your contract out in total.

How to cancel membership at a local gym?

Check the hours for your location’s Membership Services department. Call the department, and request a meeting to cancel your membership.

How long does it take to cancel a contract?

Cancellation fees can be as much as 5 or 6 months of regular payments. Pay attention to the billing cycle. Usually, for a monthly contract, you must cancel before the 10th of the month, as you are generally billed on the 17th, and the company needs time to process your request.

What happens if you don’t pay gym membership?

If you don’t follow the rules of your contract and quit paying, the gym can report you to credit monitoring companies, creating a black mark on your credit report.

What to do if you are injured in the gym?

If you have an injury, ask your doctor’s office to write a note confirming that you will be unable to use the gym facilities. Ask him or her to give a specific amount of time that you will be unable to use the gym.

What to do if you are being charged improper fees?

If you run into trouble after canceling — if, for example, you find that you are being charged improper fees — you may need to contact a particular person to address the issue.

What happens if a Planet Fitness employee misplaces a form?

If an employee misplaces your form or doesn’t process it in a timely manner, you may end up paying for an extra month or more of unwanted membership. The alternative cancelation method is to send a certified letter to your specific Planet Fitness location.

How long does it take to quit gym membership in January?

Sadly, most gym members who join in January will quit within five months.

How long does it take to cancel a membership?

Also, remember that it can take up to seven business days to process the cancelation. If you’re too close to your usual automatic payment, it will cost you an extra month of membership fees.

What to do if you have a deceased credit card?

If you’re worried about the deceased credit card being billed, a good first step is to cancel their credit cards. This will prevent Planet Fitness, and any other organizations with the deceased’s card on file, from future charges.

Can you cancel Planet Fitness in person?

There are pros and cons to both options. If you decide to cancel in person, you’ll go to your Planet Fitness location and ask to cancel your membership. You should be provided with a membership cancelation form to fill out.

Is cancelling a Planet Fitness membership hard?

If you’re one of the thousands of Americans who has taken part in this cycle, you may have learned a tough lesson: canceling a gym membership is hard! While it’s super simple to sign up for a gym membership with a recurring monthly payment, gyms don’t make cancelation so easy. Here, we break down the steps you must take to cancel a Planet Fitness gym membership, for yourself or a loved one who passed away.

Do gyms have membership cards?

Most gyms provide membership cards or key fobs so that customers can get easily scanned in and out at the door . If you have one of those, keep it handy—it likely contains your membership number. You should also have your social security number and driver’s license number available.

What is [email protected]?

We offer [email protected] a series of focused fitness training sessions led by certified fitness instructors that’s designed to help members get familiar with the equipment and to build an individual workout plan to follow at their own pace. [email protected] sessions are done in small groups, free to our members, and available on a first-come, first-served basis.

What time does the Home Club open?

Please note that the Member Services department is open Monday through Friday from 9 am – 6pm, EST.

What happens if a club is closed?

Please know that if your club is closed, you will not be charged any fees and your membership will remain frozen until your club reopens.

Where to get help at a golf club?

Call or stop by your home club location and speak with a staff member at the front desk - they will be more than happy to assist you.

How to cancel Planet Fitness membership in person?

Well, going there in person is perhaps the best way to cancel your Planet Fitness membership; the other being sending a physical letter.

Is there a fee to cancel Planet Fitness?

Yes, there can be a fee to cancel Planet Fitness membership if you wish to do so before your contract ends.

How long does it take to cancel Planet Fitness membership?

Usually, it takes 30 days to cancel a Planet Fitness membership. This 30 day is their notice period.

Can I cancel my Planet Fitness anytime?

No. Well, you can submit a Planet Fitness membership cancellation request anytime. But there will be a 30 day notice period.

How old do you have to be to join PF?

You can join PF starting at the age of 13 with a parent/legal guardian’s permission; they must be present with you during the sign-up process. Members aged 13 and 14 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when they work out. Members who are 15 to 17 years old must have a signed waiver from a parent or guardian on file. Please note that any PF Black Card® guests must be 18 years old with a valid ID, unless they’re accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Does Planet Fitness accept EFT?

The method in which members are able to pay for their monthly membership varies by location, but many Planet Fitness clubs accept payment through checking accounts only. We require an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) through checking accounts for your convenience: This allows us to be able to continue your membership without interruption or the hassle of updating your payment information if your credit cards are lost/stolen, invalid or expired.

Can you cancel a club membership by email?

Memberships can’t, unfortunately, be cancelled by email or phone. Please remember that your cancellation request is subject to any obligations of your membership agreement. Your club staff will be able to review the terms of your membership agreement and answer any questions you have.

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