how do wearable fitness trackers work

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A wearable tracker continuously senses the movements of the body on a 3 axis accelerometer. The data is recorded all the time it is worn and powered up,which enables the tracker to trace if the individual is walking forward,running fast,or even standing still. All this data is stored in the tracker for further processing.

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  • Do wearable fitness trackers improve health?

  • Even though there is limited evidence that using wearable fitness trackers will improve health [ 4, 5 ] , these devices are still popular, and new fitness devices appear on the consumer market regularly. In 2016, vendors shipped 102 million devices worldwide, compared with 82 million in 2015 [ 6 ] .

  • How do fitness trackers work?

  • Starting off with the sensors. Simply speaking, fitness trackers measure motion: most of today’s wearables come with a 3-axis accelerometer to track movement in every direction, and some come with a gyroscope too to measure orientation and rotation.

  • What kind of sensors are used in fitness trackers?

  • There are a number of sensors which may be added to a tracker, but most commonly motion sensors are used to determine body movements. How does a wearable fitness tracker measure steps?

  • What percentage of smartwatches are fitness trackers?

  • If grouped into fitness trackers and smartwatches, there is a small overrepresentation among new smartwatches. Up until 2014, about half of devices were smartwatches. In 2015 and 2016, smartwatches represented 59.3% (143/241) of new devices, whereas fitness trackers represented 40.6% (98/241). Number of new and accumulated devices by year.

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