how do under armour shorts fit

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  • Do under armour shorts run small?

  • Yes, Under Armour shorts for women and men may run small. However, the final size and fitting depend on the shirts鈥?style, material, and fit. That is why you need to understand what you are purchasing before getting the right fit. Under Armour offers women鈥檚 and men鈥檚 shorts in three various fits, which include: loose, compression, and fitted.

  • How does Under Armour® fit?

  • It will walk you through the various steps to finding the right UA fit for all our gear so you can order with confidence. Most Under Armour gear is designed to fit close to the body for zero distractions, but is still consistent with traditional sizing parameters.

  • Are Under Armour shoes good for wide feet?

  • This offers an excellent fit with a wide toe box and a wider width than that compared to their regular shoes. Overall, Under Armour鈥檚 average shoe does not run wider and therefore, would not be well-fitting for someone with wider feet. Below is a comparison chart that will help you see the difference in the sizing of the two different shoes.

  • Do Under Armour sports bras run true to size?

  • Under Armour sports bras run true to size for the most part. Their sports bra material is comfortable, lightweight, and offers a lot of support to the individual. While most sports bras run true to size, it depends on your cup size and other factors. For example, the sports bra will run true to size if you are anywhere between an A and D cup.

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