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  • How should my Tieks fit?

  • We want your Tieks to be the perfect fit! Our fine leathers should stretch and mold to the shape of your feet, so if you’re not sure which size to pick follow these tips: Wear a full size? That’s your Tieks size!

  • Does your foot ever slip out of the heel when you wear Tieks?

  • Does your foot ever slip out of the heel when you wear Tieks? If your Tieks fit properly, you shouldn鈥檛 have any issues with your heel slipping out of the back of the shoes. Even if you wear them with tights, and even after they stretch. Why do some pairs of Tieks fit so differently than others?

  • Why do people wear Tieks?

  • And since leather is a natural material, they breathe much better than synthetic materials (which is what all of my bargain flats are made from). As a result, my feet tend to sweat less while wearing Tieks than while wearing many other flat dress shoes.

  • Do Your Tieks sweat?

  • I only think that鈥檚 true if your Tieks are still pretty new and you wear them indoors with the AC on. Or if you cover your feet in antiperspirant ahead of time. As a person who often goes out in the world while wearing my Tieks, I can assure you that sweat happens. Especially on hot summer days.

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