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how do they custom fit golf clubs

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There are two different ways to custom-fit a golf club:static fitting and dynamic fitting. Static fitting is the easiest and most commonly used, as it only consists of measuring your height from top to bottom and from wrist to bottom. The length of the club is usually measured from the distance between your hands to the end of the grip cap.

How much do custom set of golf clubs cost?

With these, we hope that we gave you a glimpse of ‘How much are custom golf clubs?’ and the process behind it. So now, let us talk about how much are custom golf clubs? For wedges and putters, they cost around thirty to fifty euros or forty to one hundred dollars. The drivers, irons, and hybrids cost about $50 to $150.

Do I need custom fitted golf clubs?

You should get fitted if you want to play golf. Many golfers think custom-fitted golf club is only for pro golfers . That’s so wrong. Beginners also need a dose of the custom-fitted clubs (more than ever). The benefits of getting fitted for golf clubs cuts across all corners of skill level, including the novice golfers.

How to choose your first set of golf clubs?

Type of Golf Clubs4.1 Driver. Used off the tee on long holes,the purpose of using a driver is to hit the ball as far as you can. …4.2 Woods. When considering what woods to purchase,your first consideration should be what you want to use it for.4.3 Irons. Making up the bulk of your set,irons are numbered like woods. …4.4 Wedge. …4.5 Putter. …4.6 Hybrid. …

How to fit yourself for a golf club?

It starts with length. The right length puts you in an athletic position and gives you the ability to make a repeatable swing.Next is the lie angle. Lie helps the club move through the turf for more consistent results,as well as helping counter your misses.Then you’ll want to select your shaft and flex. …Finally,you’ll select your grip. …

What shafts do you use for a swing?

In general, people with faster swings prefer stiff shafts on their woods and iron shafts on the irons. People with slower swings are more likely to prefer flex shafts on the woods and graphite shafts on the irons.

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How fast can you swing at home?

It’ll be difficult to do at home. In general, though, most amateurs fall somewhere in the neighborhood of 80–85 mile (129–137 km)-per-hour swings.

How to measure for golf clubs?

To find the right size clubs for your body, use recent height measurement to determine the proper angle for your clubs. It usually helps to have another person measure, so you get the most accurate measurements possible.#N#Measure your basic height from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. Stand up as straight as possible to get the measurement. You don’t need to be in your swing stance.

What to do if you have a handicap?

If you’re not sure of your handicap, a basic description of your skill level can go a long way in helping the fitter match you with the right kinds of clubs that will help improve your game.

What is the Club Fitting Process?

It’s important to understand the process before going in for your fitting – being prepared can give you a much better experience and ensure you’re getting the best value for your time and money.

How Much Does A Golf Club Fitting Cost?

The average club fitting for a full bag runs around $350. Individual club fittings for drivers and irons cost an average of $150, while fittings for putters and wedges will be closer to the $100 range.

What is custom fitting in golf?

For example: having a driver that’s fit to your swing can help you optimize your ball flight, which will increase both your distance and accuracy. In fact, the majority of golfers who went through a custom fitting added over 20 yards to their drive and lowered their scores by as much as five strokes per …

What is a pre fitting interview?

Most professional club fitters start the process with an interview consisting of a short question and answer session between the fitter and the golfer. This allows your fitter to better understand your needs, goals, and concerns about your game.

Why use launch monitor?

Using a launch monitor will help your fitter to get very specific details on your club delivery and ball flight- two critical components of your fitting. Your fitter is also paying attention to your swing style, posture, and overall approach while this process is happening, giving them all the details they need.

How far should you gap in a short game?

Wedge gapping will help optimize for the correct lofts you should carry to best address your short game (120 yards and in from the pin).

How long does it take to fit a golf club?

Fitting a player for a full set of clubs usually takes around three hours from start to finish. Most professional fitters have the option of fitting for the full set, but also provide fittings for specific club types. Refer to the table below for some common guidelines:

What is a custom fitting?

A Custom Fitting begins with a short question and answer session between the fitter and the golfer. Becoming more familiar with a golfer’s needs, doubts, and hopes for the game, fitters can determine how to best achieve each customer’s objectives. The interview also brings a personal touch to the fitting, allowing the fitter and golfer to develop rapport.

How does True Spec work?

True Spec ensures that no stone is left unturned, with clients typically hitting over 100 shots during their fitting experience, with a multitude of test clubs assembled from over 30,000 different combinations of clubheads and shafts. Every True Spec fitting employs advanced technology including either a doppler radar-based radar system or an high-speed camera system, both of which measure a multitude of various ball flight and club delivery aspects.

Why is it important to have a putter in a golf bag?

From drivers to putters, it’s important that each club in the bag enhances a player’s skills while compensating for their tendencies . But often times, off-the-rack irons, drivers, and putters require a golfer to adapt his or her swing to adjust for the clubs. Custom fitting works the other way around, identifying a golfer’s swing characteristics to build a perfect set of personalized clubs which maximizes that players performance.

How many clubs are in True Spec?

At True Spec, fitters apply this blueprint to the brand’s fitting matrix of more than 30,000 combinations of clubs and shafts. Sourcing more than 30 club manufacturers, True Spec’s brand agnostic matrix ensures that each golfer find the fit, not just the brand, that’s right for his or her game.

What is a custom fit golf club?

Like tailored clothing versus something bought of a the rack, a custom fit set of clubs is made to your specifications, designed to play up strengths and compensate for any weaknesses. Built to help you play your best, custom fitting offers golfers improved confidence in their clubs, and no one does it better than True Spec.

What happens if you don’t have a properly fit golf club set?

Without a properly fit set of clubs, a golfer’s swing and mechanical changes may fail to reach the desired outcomes. Playing with misfit equipment can undermine the most talented athletes in the world in all sports, not just golf.

Can a golf club be ill fitting?

Ill-fitting clubs can negatively affect a player’s mechanics and even cause injury. Some of these issues may not arise until a player hits the back nine as fatigue sets in. Custom fitting corrects these shortcomings in a golfer’s clubs, ensuring a set can support a player’s game through the entire round by matching a player’s physical attributes, swing patterns, and personal style of play. At True Spec, expert fitters rely on years of experience and the best in golf technology to ensure a perfect fit.

What is an AP2 iron?

The AP2 irons are, “advanced performance, multi-material irons that offer playability, the traditional solid feel of a forged iron and contemporary yet classic looks for the skilled to highly skilled golfer. AP2 irons are technically advanced blades that provide increased forgiveness without sacrificing shot workability while combining traditional blade length and sole width with a more efficient multi-material weight distribution.”

What is Surefit Tour Hosel?

That means that your club can be independently adjusted to precisely fit your game with the help of a special wrench. You can adjust the lie of your club from a square position to either more open or closed.

How many balls does a 52 degree wedge hit?

We quickly found the right shaft, bounce and grind for the 52-degree wedge after hitting about 10 balls. But, before the fitting was completely over, it was time to put the 56- and 60-degree wedges to the test for a ball fitting.

What is a 913D2?

The 913D2 is a 460cc driver built for those in need of speed and forgiveness. The 913D3 possesses the same launch conditions as the 913D2, but is slightly smaller with a 445cc head. I liked the slightly smaller clubhead, so Gray immediately moved on to the 913D3.

What is the inquisitiveness of Gray?

Throughout the entire process, Gray is inquisitive, always asking things like, “What, if anything, feels different about this club from the last one?” “Did you hear the sound that one made compared to the last one?”

What did Gibson say when he backed off the ball?

When I backed off the ball, Gibson went into full-on teacher mode and said, “Earlier you mentioned you took a bunch of lessons in the last couple of years from someone you were really comfortable and confident with. What would he work with you on ? What was the one thought he tried to get across to you ?”

Who is Mike Gibson?

That’s where Mike Gibson, Titleist Golf Ball Fitting Manager and a former Teaching Professional at the Harmon Golf School, stepped in.

What to look for in a beginner golf club?

For beginners, it’s likely the expert recommends more loft on your driver, lighter shafts with less flex, and more forgiving irons. For example, if you’re a beginning golfer who has blade irons with long, extra-stiff steel shafts, it’s likely they aren’t right for your game. So even if your swing greatly improves with the help of a top instructor, you’ll be fighting an uphill battle.

Why is it important to get fit for beginners?

“It’s very important that beginners get fit because we develop our swings around the gear we use without even realizing it ,” Briand says.

What happens if a golf club is too short?

If a club is too short, too long, too light, too heavy, the lie angle is completely wrong, the club itself is the wrong design, or any of a number of factors are off , you could be setting yourself up for failure. The game-improvement irons on the left will be much more forgiving and enjoyable for beginners than the blade irons on the right.

Which is better for beginners: blade irons or left irons?

The game-improvement irons on the left will be much more forgiving and enjoyable for beginners than the blade irons on the right.

Who is Tim Briand?

In order to set the record straight, I spoke with a professional club fitter ( Tim Briand, Executive Vice President of GOLF.com’s sister company, True Spec Gol f) and a professional swing instructor ( Todd Sones, a GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher ). Even though Briand is a club fitter and Sones is an instructor, both experts agreed that learning the game using poorly fit equipment is a huge hinderance on both improvement and enjoyment.

How to set yourself up to play golf?

In conclusion, here are the recommended steps to take in order to set yourself up to to play great golf and enjoy the game for years to come: 1. Get a basic club consultation from an expert. 2. Make the proper alterations to your current set, or purchase a budget-friendly starter set (anywhere from 1-14 clubs) 3.

Will my swing patterns change?

It is likely that your swing patterns will change after a number of lessons. Your angle of attack may change, your method of releasing the club could shift, and you will (hopefully) gain some speed and strength, too.

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