how do sperry duck boots fit

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  • Are Sperry鈥檚 Saltwater duck boots good?

  • The Sperry Saltwater Duck Boot is right in line with the classic duck boot look and brand appeal. Traditionally a marine lifestyle brand, this particular model seems to blend with the urban trend of undone laces. Scoring high style points, these boots, unfortunately, did not offer as much weather protection and traction as we would have liked.

  • How big is the opening of a duck boot?

  • The circumference of the top opening ranges from about 10-11 inches, depending on whether you can keep the laces tied. The Saltwater Duck Boots in an icy river at the bottom of Dream Canyon, CO: being careful to not step too deep. Based in Massachusetts and manufactured in China, these brand-name shoes list for a cringe-worthy price.

  • Do Sperry half sizes run true to size?

  • While Sperry offers whole sizes from 5-12, they only offer half-sizes up to 9.5. In retrospect, we think we should have gone with the 7.5 as opposed to sizing up to the 8, as our findings indicate they run true to size. The foot box is roomy, especially for the toes, but being a touch big, there is some heel slippage.

  • Are saltwater duck boots warm?

  • The Wave-Siping tread of the Saltwater Duck Boots was great for flat surfaces, but not so much on wet, snowy inclines. With a thick lining of micro-fleece, these boots are indeed warm and one of the top performers in this metric.

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