how do show me your mumu dresses fit

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  • Can I contact Mumu customer service?

  • YES, most definitely! Our Mumu Customer Service Team is here for you and available to answer any questions you have. Please understand that we may have a little longer response time than normal and allow our staff during normal business hours of 10am to 5pm pst 24-48 hours to get back to you. Please visit our contact page here.

  • What is the most important thing to Mumu?

  • The Safety and health of our communities, loyal customers and dedicated Mumu employees is always most important to us. We understand this is a trying time for all and Mumu is here for you! Please see a list of commonly asked questions below and how this may be impacting our business operation and customers.

  • How do I use a showmeyourmumu gift card?

  • I Received a ShowMeYourMumu Gift Card. How Do I Use it? To use an electronic gift card look up the unique gift card code that was sent via email. At the time of checkout enter the gift card code to apply the gift card amount to your order.

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