how do north face t shirts fit

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  • How do I choose the right size for the north face?

  • The North Face generally fits true to size, so take your normal fit. If you’re after a slightly baggy style or roomier fit, opt for the size up. Most The North Face products offer sizes within the range of XS to 3XL. To find your most accurate fit, take your measurements using a tape measure and use the size charts below.

  • How should a T-shirt fit?

  • If your arms feel like they鈥檙e getting lost in the sleeves or the opposite鈥攖he end of the sleeves are so tight that they leave marks on your arm鈥攏either is the right fit. Your T-shirt should fall just below your belt and sit right around the middle of where your fly would be.

  • Where should the neckline of a shirt be?

  • The neckline should sit flat, just above the collar bone, without being too loose or too light. Standard/classic-fit tees tend to have bigger, wider collars than fashion/slim fit. A V-neck can fall just below the clavicle.

  • Do the north face shoes fit true to size?

  • Luckily, The North Face offers half sizes for its footwear and its shoes fit true to size, so take your normal size. Use the table below to convert your US or EU size to UK sizing.

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