how do nike flyknit racers fit

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Nike draped a Flyknit upper over the shoeto give the Epic React a dynamic fit. The knit around the midfoot provides structure and support but makes a seamless transition to the forefoot where you need more stretch. While it鈥檚 light and stretchy in the right spots, the Flyknit upper is purposefully snug all over.

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  • Are Nike Flyknit Racer shoes good?

  • Unlike Adidas Ultra Boost, Nike Flyknit Racer does not have thick overlays on the sides. Instead, the system uses webbing structures that are integrated into the upper. The fit is also quite adaptive and responsive, but the support is not as great. Still, the shoe feels light and swift, which is good.

  • What is the fly-knit racer?

  • In the Fly-Knit Racer, you can splash through a puddle with confidence or not worry about accidentally dropping a water cup on the shoe during a race because within seconds it will be dry (the upper, not necessarily your socks). For this reason, it makes a great rain shoe when conditions aren鈥檛 optimum.

  • Is Adidas ultra boost better than Nike Flyknit Racer?

  • Both Adidas Ultra Boost and Nike Flyknit Racer come with their own upper designs. In general, both shoes fit well and are comfortable. However, Adidas Ultra Boost is on a better edge compared to Nike Flyknit Racer, as it fits quite snugly without causing any discomfort and is breathable.

  • Can you wear socks with Nike Free Flyknit?

  • When looking down at the shoe, the colors show where and how pressure is applied when running. Though you can wear socks with the Nike Free Flyknit, the intent is that you don’t. The upper has been engineered to conform to your foot and feel like a sock.

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