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how do med couture scrubs fit

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Fit perfectly!”The Med Couture Insight V-Neck Top gives caregivers the best of style, fit, and functionality! The soft blend of stretch fabric provides comfort as you move, bend, and stretch.Brand:Med CoutureOffer Count:138Price Range:$21.99 – $27.99

Does Scrubs&beyond sell med Couture?

Discover everything you need within Scrubs Beyond’s wide selection — our Med Couture scrub pants, tops and jackets are available in a range of sizes so you can find the perfect fit. It’s time to take your nursing ensemble to the next level.

How do I contact med Couture?

Marketing MaterialsPromoters Ambassadors Privacy Policy Med Couture HQ 1901 Hutton Ct #200 Farmers Branch, TX 75234Contact Us(800) [email protected] Get Social! Med Couture | RothWear

Why choose insight Scrubs?

These scrubs are in touch with you—and down for whatever. Insight is that “A-ha!” moment when you realize you can have it all. Our most popular collection combines practical features, super-soft performance fabric, and elevated style. You’ll love the fit, the drape, and the clever details that say, “We’ve got you—and you’ve got this.” Get amped.


Discover a distinctive collection that is every bit as functional as it is stylish. Insight offers a fantastic fit and a beautiful drape of the super soft fabric.


Experience our most fashion-forward collection. The groundbreaking fabric has wicking properties and feels invigorating to wear.


Our number one collection. The fabric is a super soft polyester spandex with the perfect amount of stretch. Maternity is also available.


fabric but offers a simplified design. Perfect for groups. Pair with Activate!

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