how do keen boots fit

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  • What size should I go up in keen shoes?

  • Take this history into consideration as a starting point with KEEN shoes. As a general rule, go up 1/2 size from your standard shoe size then work from there.

  • Are keen boots good for hiking?

  • Within the outdoor industry, they鈥檙e considered a good brand, not a premium brand. That is, Keen hiking boots and shoes may be good matches for the average hiker or hikers on a budget; however, you may want better quality, performance, and durability for harder day hikes and backpacking trips.

  • What does 7h mean on keen shoe sizes?

  • -The letter ‘H’ on product pages stands for half sizes. For example 7H is equal to a US 7.5 – You can easily toggle between the tabs below to make sure you are looking at the correct sizing, based on the person you’re buying. What’s the best KEEN shoe size for me? Sizing questions are best answered at an authorised stockist.

  • Are keen shoes made in the USA?

  • Based in Portland, Oregon, KEEN is a quality footwear company that鈥檚 grown rapidly since its inception in 2003. Keen is not only based in the United States, but one of the rare companies that actually manufactures its footwear here, too.

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