how do i know if my cpu fits my motherboard

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how do i know if my cpu fits my motherboard插图

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To know if a processor is compatible with your mainboard either a cheap or high end expensive motherboard, you must pay attention to thesocket. This is the section where your CPU 鈥淧lugs into鈥?your motherboard. Since motherboards usually come with an instruction manual that informs you about the socket type, motherboard and processor model.

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  • What do I need to know about my Motherboard and CPU?

  • The specific information you need to know about your motherboard and the CPU you are considering is what socket the CPU is compatible with. If your motherboard has a specific socket, then it is compatible with any processor that fits in that socket.

  • How do I know if my computer has a CPU?

  • You can do that by Googling your CPU or motherboard model and checking the manufacturer鈥檚 website. The fastest way to check it is to go to Start 鈥?type 鈥淪ystem Information鈥?and click on it. You will see some data here.

  • What is the compatibility of the CPU with the motherboard?

  • For example, Intel鈥檚 LGA 1151 socket is compatible with Intel鈥檚 Skylake family of processors; however, if your motherboard has an AM4 socket, it will only accept AMD processors. here are few things I need to check the compatibility of the CPU with the motherboard 1. Manufacturer Compatibility

  • Why does my old CPU not work on my new motherboard?

  • For example, some newer Intel processors can only work on newer motherboards because they use a different socket type than the older ones (which means you need to make sure your new CPU has the same socket as your old motherboard; otherwise, you鈥檒l have to get a new motherboard). The best thing is to do your homework before buying anything!

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