how do good american jeans fit

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鈥済ap-proof waistband

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  • Is good American鈥檚 鈥榓lways fits denim鈥?the new way of sizing jeans?

  • Not Good American, though. The Always Fits Denim isn鈥檛 just about a new silhouette鈥攊t鈥檚 a whole new way to think about denim and sizing. Ever on the hunt for my perfect pair of jeans, I knew right away I had to give these a go. Good American鈥檚 Always Fits collection is only available in five sizes.

  • Why is good American Jeans so popular?

  • Why the brand got so popular: Well first, it鈥檚 a Kardashian haha. But also, Good American Jeans is one of the few denim brands that focus on body positivity and have body inclusive sizing, meaning that no matter your size and whether you鈥檙e short, tall, slim, or curvy, you can find a pair of jeans for you.

  • Are always fits jeans stretchy?

  • A super-stretchy jean would lose its shape and be hella unflattering, and even though these felt a bit small, my personal taste aside, they still looked pretty good on. According to Good American, the average pair of stretch jeans has 50% stretchability, while the Always Fits denim has 100%.

  • What are the different types of good American Jeans?

  • The denim styles detailed in this review include flared, distressed, and skinny straight, as well as the iconic denim jumpsuit. Note that some popular items, such as Good American Good Cuts Jeans and Good American side zip jeans, have been discontinued, and thus will not be considered in this Good American jeans review.

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