how do edwin jeans fit

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  • What is the best cut of Edwin Jeans to wear?

  • The ED-55 is the most popular cut from Edwin, courtesy of the jean鈥檚 easy-to-wear relaxed tapered fit. The rise, measurement from the waistband to the crotch seam and thigh is reasonably loose fitting and this is complimented with a tapered fit from the knee to the hem to allow the jeans to sit nicely on the ankle for a slim, clean fit.

  • How long do Edwin Jeans last?

  • These denims will last for many years and develop a fantastic patina over time, particularly so the raw and unwashed versions. How Do Edwin Jeans Fit? Something we get asked a lot here at Fat Buddha Store is 鈥淗ow do Edwin jeans fit?鈥?

  • How much water do Edwin Jeans use?

  • In 2019, EDWIN USA jeans used 400 less liters of water per jean than the industry average, saving a total of 17,752,000 liters of water (approximately 58,781 bathtubs).

  • Where are Edwin Jeans made?

  • The Edwin brand was launched way back in 1947, in the heart of Japan. Inspired by the denim of the USA, Edwin founder Mr Tsunemi decided to import quality, high end jeans from across the pond – as no denim is manufactured in Japan at the time.

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