how do cupshe suits fit

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  • What do cupshe reviews say about their bathing suits?

  • Of the Cupshe bathing suit reviews on Sitejabber, 34% are negative, giving 1 or 2 stars. Unhappy reviews on Cupshe describe lengthy issues with customer service, product quality, and out of stock Cupshe swimwear.

  • How much should you measure for cupshe clothes?

  • Polite Notice. In this Cupshe reviews as I found out. the company does State That You must allow 0.4鈥?0.8鈥?with each outfit as manual measurements do take place. So make sure if you are going to order then get your measurements up to date. So My Cupshe Reviews 2020 And What I ordered And tried on.

  • Where are cupshe bathing suits made?

  • While it isn鈥檛 clear exactly where Cupshe bathing suits are made, our AdvisoryHQ Cupshe review found that they are likely made in China. The Cupshe name is trademarked by Nanjing Kapeixi Network Technology, Co. Ltd.

  • What are cupshe swimwear sizes?

  • Part of this issue may stem from having multiple versions of the Cupshe swimwear sizing guide listed on their website. For example, one sizing guide found by our Cupshe review lists a Large as having waist measurements of 30-31 inches, while another lists waist measurements of 32.5-33.5 inches.

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