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how do bonobos shirts fit

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Bonobos’ dress shirts like the Daily Grind Wrinkle Free shirt, for example, are first sized by bothneck and sleeve measurements, in inches. That’s so the collar of the shirt lays properly and comfortably, and the cuff of the sleeve hits just the right spot at your wrist.

Are bonobos clothes True to size?

Most Bonobos clothing items are true to size, though the company recommends sizing up for chinos and shirts. These items are known to run tight, so ordering up by one size will give you a more comfortable fit. What is Bonobos’s Shipping Policy?

What do you wear with bonobos jeans?

These casual jeans can easily be paired with a button-down and blazer to elevate your style to business casual, or worn with one of the plain Bonobos shirts for a sleek yet comfortable weekend look. The best part? Shoppers can choose from five fits, ranging from tailored to straight.

How do I care for my bonobos clothing?

Please pay careful attention to these instructions as they are specifically written to ensure lasting quality of your Bonobos clothing. For most of our products made from cotton, the washing instructions are straightforward: wash with like colors in cold water and tumble dry on low, or air dry.

What do customers think about bonobos?

The vast majority of customers agree that Bonobos offers well-constructed clothes that actually fit. Most men noted that the clothes fit so well they look like they were tailored, which is exactly what the company was going for.

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Is Bonobos slim fit?

The Bonobos slim fit is known for being very trim, giving a nice shape to those wearing it. While it does accentuate the body, it’s not too tight in the seat, providing an ample amount of comfort as well. The taper is moderate from the mid-thigh and down, but still enough to notice. It’s certainly not nearly as tight as what you’ll find in skinny jeans.

Do Bonobos fit skinny jeans?

While skinny pants, particularly jeans, require a certain physique to really look well done, Bonobos slim and tailored tend to look great on most everyone when styled properly.

Is Bonobos a good brand?

Since we all have to begin somewhere, figuring out your best fit of pants is a great starting point, and Bonobos is a great brand to explore. In this guide, we will help you master the differences between Bonobos slim fit pants and Bonobos tailored pants so that you can discover everything you need to know about these similar yet distinct styles.

Is Bonobos an Ethical Brand?

The brand is listed on rating websites like Knoji as being made with eco-friendly materials and cruelty-free practices. That said, this Bonobos review found no information on its website about sustainability goals or commitments to its employees, leaving the company more ambiguous than others.

Who is Bonobos For?

Bonobos is strictly a men’s fashion line, focused on providing a perfect fit. No matter your style, the brand offers a wide range of products that should be appropriate for any season, event, or aesthetic. And, it offers an inclusive size range, with some products offered in a 52 waist or 4XL.

Is Bonobos Worth It?

This Bonobos review thinks that yes, this brand is definitely worth it. We appreciate the huge range of styles that push boundaries in the way of vibrant colors, innovative cuts, and whimsical patterns—all for men!

What is a slim fit shirt?

For the shirting and jackets, the Slim Fit cut is fitted through the chest and shoulders with a slight taper in the waist, nothing exaggerated. Essentially, the slim cut is the most modern and will probably work for you unless you have a more muscular or stocky build.

How are Stretch Weekday warrior pants sized?

Pants like their Stretch Weekday Warrior dress pants are sized by waist and length, both in inches. Again, this gives a more exacting fit that factors in your height.

How to size Bonobos dress shirt?

Bonobos’ dress shirts like the Daily Grind Wrinkle Free shirt, for example, are first sized by both neck and sleeve measurements, in inches. That’s so the collar of the shirt lays properly and comfortably, and the cuff of the sleeve hits just the right spot at your wrist. (A too-short or too-long sleeve is a dead giveaway that you’re in the wrong size.)

How are Bonobos’ suits sized?

Bonobos’ Jetsetter wool suit jackets are sized by chest measurements in inches followed by an S, R or L, which stand for short, regular and long. Compared to regular blazers, short blazers are 1.75 inches shorter in body length and 1.5 inches shorter in sleeve length. Long blazers are 2.25 inches longer in body length and 2 inches longer in sleeve length. These differentiations help account for height when you’re looking for your ideal size.

Can you mix and match Bonobos?

The brilliant part of Bonobos’ comprehensive measurement and fit options is that you can mix and match fits to find the perfect combination to work for your upper and lower halves. “It’s really common for guys to be different fits on their upper and lower halves, which is why our suit jackets and pants are sold separately,” says McCracken.

Who is the famous person who wore a standard fit jacket?

Your celebrity inspiration: George Clooney. Like the straight or standard fit, Clooney is a true classic. It’s also a great option for guys with a bigger bod. “Standard fit jackets have less suppression in the waist and are good if you have a stockier build,” adds McCracken.

Who is the senior fashion manager at Bonobos?

To help us dive deeper on what exactly that means, I spoke with George McCracken, Bonobos’ Senior Fashion Manager. “You have to look at fit as both a mix of art and science,” says McCracken. “Fit can be subjective, based on personal style, but there are clear guidelines of what fits you from a measurement standpoint.”.

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